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Where’s Your Next Destination?

Where’s your next destination? The weather is getting warmer which means vacation season is fast approaching. The thought of packing and escaping to your great getaway is all you can think about, but where do you begin? You need to find out the must have traveling essentials, nearest airports, fine dining, nearest hotels. Sorting out […]

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Ecosystem Trees


In the city of Vancuver the Major Gregor Robertson is planning to get rid of the electrical poles with cables, also the cell phones’ antennas and pay meters that are along the city. He is thinking on that to replace them by utility towers called “V-Poles”. These poles will provide light, WiFi, cell phone service, […]

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Looking for a tech job in the city?

If you live in New York City or know somebody that is planning to move and is looking for a technology job,  you would like what Major Bloomberg is promoting now. The Major is giving a service which is a “Digital Map” that show which companies are looking for technicians, engineers and more  people involve in the field to be […]

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