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Work Apps

It’s here! Top 10 work apps for Android’s, iPhones, and Blackberry’s. All these devices have enhanced our business experience, now we can enjoy of exclusive apps to carry out our everyday business. Do share how these worked out for you!

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Did your smartphone make you smarter?

Perhaps when in grade school, as a math exam quickly approached, one student dared to raise their hand and asked: “Can we use a calculator?”.  The class most likely turned to the teacher, awaiting the hopeful: “Yes”.  Let’s not kid ourselves, we knew it was never going to happen.  The answer was always: “No”.  More […]

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i, i, i, i…

So you have an… ipod (perhaps several – classic, shuffle, mini, etc.) itouch iphone imac (or any macbook) ipad Would you consider yourself to having an “i” addiction?

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Question for the World

I ask the world: Is there such a thing as too much technology?

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