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Google Self-Driving Car

Do you sometimes get tired of driving? Maybe had a along night and have to drive early that morning? Don’t you sometimes wish that your car can drive itself? That idea may have been a little ridiculous to some, but Google is making it happen! Google is trying to make that ridiculous idea into reality with the […]

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The Great Google Glass

If I had $1500 to buy a Google Glass  So Google Glass went on sale to the public for a one-day super special on April 15th. $1500 I do not have to spare, but if I did here’s what I would do with Google Glass?  5 thing I’d do if I had a Google Glass: […]

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TOP 50 PICKS OF ANDROID APPS SOCIAL ANDMADE SHARE Free  FOURSQUARE Free  GLANCEE Free  GOOGLE+ Free  PATH Free Instagram for Android has only just been announced. LINKEDIN Free  WHATSAPP MESSENGER Free  ENTERTAINMENT 7DIGITAL MUSIC STORE Free  ESPN GOALS Free This sounds too good to be true for football fans, but it isn’t. ESPN’s app delivers video highlights of Premier League goals just minutes after they’re scored, […]

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Google Drive

Google drive is officially out and offering 5gbs of space right off the back and a rather cheap upgrade to 20gigs for 2.50 a month and 100gigs for 4.99 a month, pricing wise google is on point has has the resources to keep it cheaper than most of the other cloud storage companies. You have […]

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Glasses for everything

A few weeks ago Google announced that they were working in “augmented reality glasses” which help you to find anything what you need while you are walking in the streets. It also informs you about the weather, the easy way to get to a place, it tells you subway services changes, take and save pictures, it plays […]

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10 Bloodiest Battles – Microsoft and Google 2010

Read more on battles

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Malware in Holiday Ads

You better watch out, You better not cry, Better not pout, I’m telling you why: Malware is coming to town.

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Google “fixes” Microsoft product

Google brings Internet Explorer strategy to Microsoft Exchange

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300K+ Android Phones activated a day!

Google claims 300,000 Android Phones are activated every day! Read more…

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Google Chromebook has arrived!

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