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Retina implants for blind people

Shawn Kelly, a senior systems scientist has created a very little camera on glasses that translates images into a tiny chip that create electrical pulses that the brain can read. The electrical pulses stimulates the nerves in the retina so in that way the person can see. This system required a minimal induction power. Another […]

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See through walls with phones

Everybody would like to have a pair of glasses that let you see through the walls. Well, we are close to see that but with the cell phones. The machines that we see at the airport use electromagnetic waves in terahertz which use a lot of energy. Kenneth O, professor of electrical engineering at the […]

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Glasses for everything

A few weeks ago Google announced that they were working in “augmented reality glasses” which help you to find anything what you need while you are walking in the streets. It also informs you about the weather, the easy way to get to a place, it tells you subway services changes, take and save pictures, it plays […]

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3-D w/o glasses

Apple may bring 3-D without glasses!

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