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GameKlip for Androids

INTRODUCING THE GAMEKLIP Introducing the GameKlip. The GameKlip allows you to use your PS3 controller with your Android phone. Awesome right? The bad news is that the GameKlip is only exclusive for Android phones as of now, sorry iPhone users. But on the other hand, this is great news. This would make an awesome gift […]

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Get a conversation with sign language

Many people do not understand and even know anything about sign language and that makes very difficult to communicate with deaf people. But now that could be history because some students of University of Houston created a device that can scan the movements of sign language, then process it and translate into a voice speech. […]

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Water proof phones

Probably you have heard people who had accident with their phones letting it fall into the water or maybe got wet by the rain, soda, coffee and that was the story of the phone. Well, this company called “Liquipel” has the technology to transform your smart phone into a water proof device. Check the link […]

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