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What are those entrepreneurs up to?

Forbes recently held a contest for startups, each company making an elevator pitch of their product.  The winner gets some furniture or a computer.  You might think, given such low incentives, the best and brightest might want to sit this one out, and you would be mostly right.  The ideas are uninspired and what you […]

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Business and cyber-security

Here’s an interesting article that definitely falls under this blog’s purview; cyber-security and risk management.  The Economist takes a look at a recent speech by Jonathan Evans of Britain’s security service MI5 about the costs to business in Britain from cyber-crime. Estimates vary wildly and can be hard to track, since businesses might not be completely […]

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Google Drive

Google drive is officially out and offering 5gbs of space right off the back and a rather cheap upgrade to 20gigs for 2.50 a month and 100gigs for 4.99 a month, pricing wise google is on point has has the resources to keep it cheaper than most of the other cloud storage companies. You have […]

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2011 Innovations

Award Honorees: Computer Hardware

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Clean-up, clean-up, Everybody do your share

No, not your room, your computer… Check out: Clean your computer for reviews on advised software for your drive. Happy Cleaning!

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