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What are those entrepreneurs up to?

Forbes recently held a contest for startups, each company making an elevator pitch of their product.  The winner gets some furniture or a computer.  You might think, given such low incentives, the best and brightest might want to sit this one out, and you would be mostly right.  The ideas are uninspired and what you […]

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Internet Security in the News

This is worrying news.  Me, the anonymous writer of this blog post here is a Yahoo Mail user, and apparently they just got hacked and over four hundred thousand accounts were compromised using basic hacking techniques.  The results of the hack were posted on a public hacking website at proof that it could be done […]

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Facebook IPO

The hype is over, Facebook has finally released it’s IPO. Opening up at just $38 with a high of $45 per stock, Facebook has been the talk of the day. The only question that remains is did they live up to our expectations? Not so much. Instead of seeing the stocks sky rocket we saw […]

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1 out of 5 Macs host malware

Sophos,  a multi-os anti-malware company recently conducted a study on over 100,000 mac computers and found that as many as 20 percent of mac computers have some sort of windows based malware on them. While this isn’t a problem for mac owners, the mac computers can act as a conduit to spread infection over a […]

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Water proof phones

Probably you have heard people who had accident with their phones letting it fall into the water or maybe got wet by the rain, soda, coffee and that was the story of the phone. Well, this company called “Liquipel” has the technology to transform your smart phone into a water proof device. Check the link […]

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