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Checking for a skin cancer from your phone

Now is possible to scan your skin with your phone to check if you have any symptoms of skin cancer. Many of those symptoms are visible with out necessity of MRI or CT scans. With this application many people can save money and time instant of going to clinic for those scans. The University of […]

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AMD “Trinity” And “Brazos 2.0” from AMD

AMD is going to globally release its “Trinity” and  “Brazos 2.0” APU (accelerated processing unit), a very exciting development in both the high end processing application of technology and low power applicaiton. Brazos 2.0 will most likely head AMD’s low power solutions for tablets, ultrabooks and could likely be seen in nettops. The Trinity line […]

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VoIP for Android

VoIP Support

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Apple’s EasyPay

Apple’s EasyPay goes Gap, lands at Old Navy

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App’ing anyone?

Learn the what is the Best Office App for your iPhone or iPod touch!

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