Study 4

Technology Manage Services and Integration:

NuvoSys Solutions was created from an acquisition and integration of two IT and telecoms companies. NuvoSys Solutions is a managed services provider and a trusted source of IT, voice, data and telecoms know how. Following the completion of its M&A integration, and a subsequent divestment in 2011 to focus on managed services, NuvoSys Solutions has refreshed its entire IT infrastructure, supporting the company brand in its move to a new headquarters.


  • To integrate multiple legacy domains into a single company brand
  • Deploy a cost-effective new office solution incorporating comprehensive security, back-up and mobile working
  • Provide roaming capabilities between its headquarters, data centers and operations centers
  • Securely enable the provision of smart devices and tablets amongst corporate users


  • An integrated “cloud office” solution, including Hosted VDI, Hosted IPT and Unified Communications
  • The provision of secure tablets, including iPads, to senior staff members to allow remote access of the desktop via ISO27001 compliant security techniques
  • Roll out of common platform to support improved IT operations and maintenance


  • Flexible options for access to core desktop data via terminals, laptops and tablets to better support roaming users
  • A unified communications platform with integration between IPT, Mobile, Voicemail and Email to centralized applications.
  • Cost-effective VDI has reduced operational overheads and enhanced security posture.