Industry Solutions


Information technology has made giant leaps towards improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care. Health care providers, administrators, patients, and their families can readily access and use health information with ease never before encountered. Nuvosys specializes in the integrity of such connection, as well as offering adaptability with the constant medical advances.


Information technology has many uses in finance. Tools finance providers seek such as trading instruments, earning reports, financial statistics, and rapid calculations, are all benefits from a fully functioning managed information technology operation. Computer systems can also calculate and display the interest and principal of a loan, estimate the returns on investments, all customized to your needs and parameters. Above all, Nuvosys’ experience in the financial vertical is also the security aspect. Assuring a secure data transfer online, as well as other financial transactions is a skill set we own and implement to our financial clients.


Technology has made great strides towards improving the education environment. Up to date phone systems, servers, applications and equipment, both saves energy as well as reduces costs. Both are great incentives to choose a technology solution to transform and improve your educational environment. Nuvosys provides staff and students with both information and access.


The hospitality industry survives on the principle that not only does selling more rooms raise your profits but also delivering the personal service that builds customer loyalty does. Achieve this by offering your guests all the technology away-from-home they require. For pleasure and for business travelers can all enjoy from an efficient phone system that minimizes hold times and will reach your staff promptly. Quick and easy connections with all your staff is an added value Nuvosys provides its hospitality clients.


The retail industry can be summed up in the never-ending quest to increase revenue and decrease costs. Technology helps accomplish both goals. Improvements have been made in the management area which allows tasks such as inventory to become simple and stress free. Customer experience and loss prevention are also aspects that can be improved with the right technology. Additionally, wireless technology, permitting communication between people and devices anywhere and without cables, has proved efficient and profitable.

Real Estate

Technology has revolutionized the way real estate information is retrieved, analyzed, transmitted, reported, and stored. The proper technology solution for your real estate environment can offer you the right communication to make the highest profits, all while reducing time lost from an inefficient system. An efficient transmission of information will drive your growth in today’s rapidly changing marketplace and Nuvosys can Make That Happen!