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Google Self-Driving Car

Do you sometimes get tired of driving? Maybe had a along night and have to drive early that morning? Don’t you sometimes wish that your car can drive itself? That idea may have been a little ridiculous to some, but Google is making it happen! Google is trying to make that ridiculous idea into reality with the […]

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The DDOS Attack on Journal

The following is a personal account of how I survived the DDOS (distributed denial-of-service attack) on last week (Feb. 27th – March 3rd). Most techies, depending on their line of work, may feel isolated when staring at a computer screen all day. A quick, legal remedy for isolation is, a website that offers […]

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Lesson # 1 in Troubleshooting

A Day in a life of a Techie Lesson # 1 in Troubleshooting Being a dedicated techie requires a lot of researching on the web for answers. Even then, the answer that a quasi-professional techie gives over the internet may not be exactly what you need, so outside-the-box thinking is sometimes required, right? For example, […]

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Google Data Compression for mobile devices

After 10 months of testing, Google has made a data saving compression feature available to anyone using chrome on Android or IOS. Data saving can hit up to 50 percent, so in situations where users might have a low data plan or in situations where a user might be on a network with limited resources […]

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Internet Explorer 11 Beta release

The beta release of Internet Explorer 11 has been made available for download today. While IE has had a long history of being buggy, not playing well with web display and a host of security issues, the new IE 11 has been touted as the new big thing in browsers by Microsoft. With their brand […]

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Xenu Link Sleuth

So while it’s not the newest of software, Xenu Link Sleuth quickly became one of my favorite tools to use when assessing medium to large sites, especially those that are both blog and link heavy or just have a hefty structure to them that I need laid out in front of me. At it’s core […]

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NVIDIA showcasing their newest GPU

Dedicated for visual computing, NVIDIA has just announced their newest GPU that they have lined up for release. NVIDA Quardro K6000 It has quintuple the compute performance and just about double the graphics capability of the previous 6000 model and is set to have the world largest and quickest graphics memory. It has 12 gigs […]

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GoDaddy Problems

GoDaddy Problems! Heard about GoDaddy problems today? Some say GoDaddy hosting sucks? Did you read some issues, GoDaddy complaints and their bad customer experiences? Can these negative GoDaddy web hosting reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about their limitations? If you are considering to get a hosting account from GoDaddy, you may want to […]

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Effect of Console gaming on technology

With the upcoming expected releases of Sony’s Playstation Four and Microsofts Xbox 720 we are not only moving into the next generation of gaming but what is predicted to be the last generation of console gaming.  Console gaming has been a part of American and world culture since the release of the Magnavox in 1972 […]

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Skyrim – Dawnguard Expansion

For a title boasting more than 300 hours of gameplay from the main story line, side stories alone, Bethesdas Elder Scrolls Skyrim has received it’s first official expansion. Dawnguard adds at the very least an additional 20 hours of gameplay to rummage through with a story line based on an old Vampire Lord that has come back […]

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