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The Great Google Glass

If I had $1500 to buy a Google Glass  So Google Glass went on sale to the public for a one-day super special on April 15th. $1500 I do not have to spare, but if I did here’s what I would do with Google Glass?  5 thing I’d do if I had a Google Glass: […]

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The Meraki MX80 Review

So here at Nuvosys Solutions, there’s a new router. It’s a Cisco’s Meraki MX80. First impression: it looks cool. I like the silver coating, which gives it a metallic/futuristic/cyborg look. In fact, that’s the standard feature for all Meraki devices. Plus, it’s contrary to the typical black (sometimes blue) color of most Cisco routers.   […]

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Tips for Running a Network Cable


Just set up a new 60-70 foot long cat5 cable from server room to conference room. Whew. Setting up a network cable is not as easy as it looks. So here are some tips I learned from the experience: 1) Make sure the heater isn’t running. I was sweating profusely as I stood on the […]

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Hosted VoIP

Nuvosys Solutions, they really do make IT happen. “Manage both voice and data services with one provider with little up-front capital, all at a low, predictable monthly rate as low as $25.00 a month per user.” You can’t beat the price with these special features: Unlimited Calling Call Waiting Call Conference Caller ID and many […]

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New iPod Touch to Match New iPhone

                                                                                                                                                                                    (Credit to Apple)     Can it be that the new iPod Touch will follow the iPhone in screen size? Well, sources say that the fifth generation iPod Touch will have a four inch LCD display. Is that too big for apple’s target audience?  Is our eyes used to the the beautiful 3.5 […]

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Phone Discovery

A phone is a technology device that gives you access to make calls, use the web, send via text, download applications and basically give you access to anything you desire. It’s a mobile device you carry anywhere and allows you to keep in touch especially in case of emergency.   Throughout time, technology has increased […]

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Ecosystem Trees


In the city of Vancuver the Major Gregor Robertson is planning to get rid of the electrical poles with cables, also the cell phones’ antennas and pay meters that are along the city. He is thinking on that to replace them by utility towers called “V-Poles”. These poles will provide light, WiFi, cell phone service, […]

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Nuvosys implements Cisco Unified Communications Solutions in St. Barths island.

Nuvosys Unified Communications and Cisco uc540 The NuvoSys Team is working closely to implement a Cisco Unified Communications solution at a Hotel Resort in St. Barths island.  The hotel integrates all of its voice, data, and wireless communications together on one reliable, manageable system. The new Cisco solution delivers the performance and reliability that guests expect […]

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Unified Communications Discussion at Lunch with our CEO

During the UC Summit at La Jolla California this week our CEO, Jason Juliano, had lunch with Unified Communications Analyst, Art Rosenberg.  Mr. Rosenberg asked Mr. Juliano to comment on the state of Unified Communication he was experiencing with todays market. Mr. Juliano stated that the there is a high growth rate from his clients in […]

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The iPhone 5 is coming, is your business ready?

Article Taken from: Written By: John Brandon In the world of tech, Internet rumors often turn into cold hard facts—sometimes overnight. With Apple, a company that never pre-announces products, gossip about the iPhone 5 coming this month (or next) have persisted for some time. Most experts agree: all signs point to an imminent release. […]

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