Windows XP Users Can Save Money

ATTENTION WINDOWS XP USERS. Hope is still not lost. Microsoft is offering $100 credit to any XP users purchasing PCs over $599. Visit your local Microsoft retail store. Check to see which PCs are available with this offer. They also offer other free services available with your new device such as: Setup of your new […]

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EDx Offers Free Linux Course

Here ye, here ye. For anyone who wants to learn Linux, there is great news. Linux has linked up with EDx to offer an intro fourse to this free operating system starting in the 3rd quarter of 2014. When exactly in the 3rd quarter? I’m assuming when the fall school semester begins. Here’s the link: […]

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  October 25, 2001 – Windows XP was released, featuring a new visual design, such as a two-column Start menu, a default wallpaper of Napa Valley’s pasture and blue sky; Windows product activation was also introduced, among other breakthrough features at that time. It was supposed to be the most user-friendly operating system. January 2002 […]


Pitch Night for Startups

Startups of the future need you. If you’re the type with big, ambitious ideas, then Sotechie Spaces offer a pitch night for people with ideas for startups.

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The DDOS Attack on Journal

The following is a personal account of how I survived the DDOS (distributed denial-of-service attack) on last week (Feb. 27th – March 3rd). Most techies, depending on their line of work, may feel isolated when staring at a computer screen all day. A quick, legal remedy for isolation is, a website that offers […]

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The Meraki MX80 Review

So here at Nuvosys Solutions, there’s a new router. It’s a Cisco’s Meraki MX80. First impression: it looks cool. I like the silver coating, which gives it a metallic/futuristic/cyborg look. In fact, that’s the standard feature for all Meraki devices. Plus, it’s contrary to the typical black (sometimes blue) color of most Cisco routers.   […]

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Tips for Running a Network Cable


Just set up a new 60-70 foot long cat5 cable from server room to conference room. Whew. Setting up a network cable is not as easy as it looks. So here are some tips I learned from the experience: 1) Make sure the heater isn’t running. I was sweating profusely as I stood on the […]

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Lesson # 1 in Troubleshooting

A Day in a life of a Techie Lesson # 1 in Troubleshooting Being a dedicated techie requires a lot of researching on the web for answers. Even then, the answer that a quasi-professional techie gives over the internet may not be exactly what you need, so outside-the-box thinking is sometimes required, right? For example, […]

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Google Data Compression for mobile devices

After 10 months of testing, Google has made a data saving compression feature available to anyone using chrome on Android or IOS. Data saving can hit up to 50 percent, so in situations where users might have a low data plan or in situations where a user might be on a network with limited resources […]

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Seismic Movements in the Smartphone World

Seismic Movements in the Smartphone World As another disastrous quarter passes for Blackberry, marked with a $1 Billion dollar loss, and the announcement to layoff approximately 4500 employees (40 % of their overall workforce), a lot of questions remain and a lot of lessons are to be learned by the Technology Industry. It was not […]

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