Where’s Your Next Destination?

Where’s your next destination? The weather is getting warmer which means vacation season is fast approaching. The thought of packing and escaping to your great getaway is all you can think about, but where do you begin? You need to find out the must have traveling essentials, nearest airports, fine dining, nearest hotels. Sorting out […]

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Wearable Technology

Over the years, wearable technology has become increasingly popular. From the hearing aid, portable cassette player, the calculator watch, portable CD Player, MP3 Player and iPods, wireless headphones and earpieces, and in today’s time smart watches, fitness trackers, and tons more. Developers are making our lives easier by building new technologies that could creating gadgets […]

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The Cube 3

Meet the Cube 3, the latest in 3D printing technology. Over the last few months 3D printing has been making a lot of buzz in the tech world from handheld 3D printing pens to full on factory size printers. The Cube 3 is a medium sized printer that is perfect for the home. The Cube […]

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Laptop or Tablet? iPad Mini 3.

  Behold, the new iPad mini 3. Since the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple fever has been in the air. Apple has always been known to be forward thinking with their technology. Using practically the same design as the iPhone 6/Plus, cheap cost and state of the art feature, the […]

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Ollie: The “Toy” For Everyone

It’s that time of year again! The holidays is a special time for everyone, gifts, family, food, fun, love and gifts.  We all love receiving gifts and even buying them. The holidays is a memorable time of the year and the Ollie will definitely be more than a memory this holiday season. The Ollie is […]

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Hardware Cheat sheet

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The Great Google Glass

If I had $1500 to buy a Google Glass  So Google Glass went on sale to the public for a one-day super special on April 15th. $1500 I do not have to spare, but if I did here’s what I would do with Google Glass?  5 thing I’d do if I had a Google Glass: […]

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Windows XP Users Can Save Money

ATTENTION WINDOWS XP USERS. Hope is still not lost. Microsoft is offering $100 credit to any XP users purchasing PCs over $599. Visit your local Microsoft retail store. Check to see which PCs are available with this offer. They also offer other free services available with your new device such as: Setup of your new […]

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EDx Offers Free Linux Course

Here ye, here ye. For anyone who wants to learn Linux, there is great news. Linux has linked up with EDx to offer an intro fourse to this free operating system starting in the 3rd quarter of 2014. When exactly in the 3rd quarter? I’m assuming when the fall school semester begins. Here’s the link: […]

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  October 25, 2001 – Windows XP was released, featuring a new visual design, such as a two-column Start menu, a default wallpaper of Napa Valley’s pasture and blue sky; Windows product activation was also introduced, among other breakthrough features at that time. It was supposed to be the most user-friendly operating system. January 2002 […]

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