Wearable Technology


Over the years, wearable technology has become increasingly popular. From the hearing aid, portable cassette player, the calculator watch, portable CD Player, MP3 Player and iPods, wireless headphones and earpieces, and in today’s time smart watches, fitness trackers, and tons more. Developers are making our lives easier by building new technologies that could creating gadgets that help us be more efficient.

There are tons of new wearable technology products coming to and on the market right now but there a few that are special.  Starting with health there is:

  1. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor ($130) – A saved trip to the nearest pharmacy to get you blood pressure results. Withings Wireless Blood monitor automatically syncs wireless with its app which is available on both the android and apple platform.

  1. Microsoft’s Bone Conducting Headset ($???) – Microsoft is back at it with another innovative product. Though it currently has no name yet and also still in its prototype stages, it shall surely be a huge breakthrough for the visually impaired. Its main feature is giving audio cues. There products may replace guide dogs in the long run.

  1.  MC10 Biostamp ($10) – Takes wearable to a new level! Temporary tattoo like wearable that you stick on your skin like a band aid. It monitors temperature, movement, heart rate and other remote monitoring.


  1. Nike FuelBand ($100) – Ideal for those who want to track their activity. The FuelBand is able to track your steps, calories, your sleep, and rewards you with trophies when you hit a new milestone.

  2. Jawbone UP3 ($180) – Sort of an upgrade to the Nike FuelBand, the UP3 tracks your activity, inactivity, distance, calories, pace, heart rate, speed and more.

And for the more casual products:

  1. Apple Watch ($350) – As you know Apple products are always a big deal. They have created a watch that works directly with your iphone. You will be able to send and receive messages, use apps, use Siri and more.

  1. Google Glass ($1500) – Unlike any pair of glasses out there, Google Glass makes everyday actions better. Whether its running, cooking, or listening to music etc, Google Glass will make the best out of it.


  1. Garmin DC GPS Dog Transmitter ($230) – Yes even your dogs can be a part of the wearable technology movement. This transmitter attaches to a special collars and allows the owner (who has a receiver) to track their dogs movement.

  1. Levana Oma+ Baby Monitor ($100) – Taking baby monitors to new heights with this clip on device. It tracks baby movements and you will be alerted, and if there aren’t any movements you will be alerted also.





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