The Cube 3


Meet the Cube 3, the latest in 3D printing technology. Over the last few months 3D printing has been making a lot of buzz in the tech world from handheld 3D printing pens to full on factory size printers. The Cube 3 is a medium sized printer that is perfect for the home.

The Cube 3 is unique in a way that you can finally print your ideas from the comfort of your home, the classroom, or anywhere you can plug into an outlet. You can create 3D models from the computer with the Cubify software or right from the palm of your hand with their Cubify app for both android and iOS.  It is also safe for children 8+. The Cube 3 can design and print anything you can imagine, whether its toys, jewelry, cell phone cases, coffee mugs etc.

The cube is about 13 inches tall and wide, and 17lbs, and prints objects up to 6x6x6 inches. You can use the printer wired or wirelessly whether it’s from your windows PC, Mac, or mobile device. The Cube 3 uses plastic jet printing technology and uses tough recyclable ABS plastic and compostable PLA plastic to print its models. There is also over 20 different colors to choose from. All of these specs are upgrades that its predecessor the Cube 2, couldn’t handle while it was on the market. The Cube 3 is only $999 and is taking the printing industry by storm.



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