Ollie: The “Toy” For Everyone


It’s that time of year again! The holidays is a special time for everyone, gifts, family, food, fun, love and gifts.  We all love receiving gifts and even buying them. The holidays is a memorable time of the year and the Ollie will definitely be more than a memory this holiday season.

The Ollie is a new age take on the classic RC Car. Instead of using a battery operated remote controller, it is powered by an app that has a built in direction pad, trick selection and settings. The Ollie is USB chargeable, goes up to 14mph and can go up to a 100 feet range by using Bluetooth. Though, it is not actually a “Remote Controlled Car”, the robot “Ollie” has compact cone-like design has worked up a hype of its own. The Ollie is even reaching teenagers and becoming a stress relief for adults.

The Ollie’s predecessor “Sphero” was a best seller last year but because of its limited functionality critics asked for more with its follow up product. The Ollie is able to do many tricks and stunts such as flips, spins, drifts and more. The app also has a Settings menu which allows the Ollie to perform better by changing the conditions in which it is running at. Also there is a speed lock for tricks for a better handle on the Ollie. There is even a special edition version called “Darkside Ollie” which gives even more functionality for the extreme “Ollie Drivers”.

The Ollie is fun for all ages. Starting at $99 The Ollie will be one of the few revolutionary toys for this year and will make a great gift even after the holidays.

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