Did your smartphone make you smarter?

Our fixations on our smartphones are changing social norms, work routines and maybe even how our brains function

Perhaps when in grade school, as a math exam quickly approached, one student dared to raise their hand and asked: “Can we use a calculator?”.  The class most likely turned to the teacher, awaiting the hopeful: “Yes”.  Let’s not kid ourselves, we knew it was never going to happen.  The answer was always: “No”.  More than likely the reason provided was along the lines of: “it forces you to think”, or “using a calculator is cheating”.

However, as time has gone by, we have had to do less “thinking” and more pressing buttons for the answer/solution/service.  That brings us to: smartphones.  Have they made us smarter?  Have they improved our thinking process?  Sadly no.  As the picture above depicts, we have grown supremely dependent to them and their influence on our life is only becoming greater and greater.

Smartphones: Our national obsession dives into the topic with use of a live account of a smartphone user’s daily activities.  In addition, there is testimony of other smartphone users, telling of how indispensable their phone is to their business, their life, their existence.

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